Best Gifts For Lacrosse Players

While Baby Boomers may not be familiar with it lacrosse is the fastest-growing sport in America. Gen Xers and millennials were among the first to wholeheartedly embrace lacrosse and they’re passing their love of the game on to their children. As a result many more Americans are playing the fastest game on two feet – so you just might have a lacrosse player on your holiday list. Wondering what to buy? Rukket has you covered.

Best Budget Lacrosse Products

XL Portable Batting Practice Ball Caddy & Bucket Caddy

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a quality gift that any ball handler will appreciate. The only thing more irritating than an errant toss is scrambling around the yard or field trying to collect all those misplaced balls. The bucket caddy and hip-level ball caddy holds twice as many balls as a regular bucket. So if your gift recipient is lugging lacrosse balls everywhere do his or her back a favor and get this portable ball caddy. It can be set up or collapsed in seconds and includes a carrying bag for the on-the-go player.


Best Choice for Beginning Players

Barricade Multi-Sport Portable Barrier Net

If your future superstar is just embarking on his or her lacrosse career do yourself (and your gift recipient) a favor and purchase this portable barrier net. Even if the love affair with lacrosse doesn’t last any athlete will get years of use out of this essential tool. If you’ve ever heard the tinkle of a window breaking you know how much damage a ball can do. The barrier net lets amateur players lob rocks to their hearts’ content – without fear of property damage. With over 100 square feet of coverage your player will actually have to try to miss this thing.


Best Choice for “Lax Rats”

Portable Lacrosse Goal

Got someone on your list who can’t go an hour without mentioning his or her sport of choice? Lax rats are ready for pick-up games and practice whenever they can get their hands on a stick and ball. The portable lacrosse goal makes things a little easier for your lacrosse lover. This goal is easy to set up and is built with Rukket TOUGH netting so it can take a heavy beating. And like all our lacrosse products this portable goal comes with a satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty so your athlete can rip shots with confidence.


Best Gift for Any Player

Lacrosse Rebounder

Lacrosse is fundamentally a game of running throwing and catching. Of these skills speed is one of the easiest to work on without any tools. But catching a wild pass or throwing accurately and powerfully requires hours of repetition – and there are only so many team practice sessions. Any lacrosse player seeking to improve his or her skills will be overjoyed to receive a lacrosse rebounder. With multiple attack angles and rebound options there are plenty of ways to configure this rebounder so a player can practice almost any shot pass or return. It’s built with typical Rukket ruggedness including heavy-duty carriage bolts and mesh protected bungies. Set this baby up in the backyard and say goodbye to your lacrosse player. If you need him he’ll be out back mastering his skills.


There’s a reason lacrosse’s popularity has exploded in recent years. It’s as aggressive as hockey as fast-paced as soccer and as fun to watch as football. If you want to kit out your lacrosse player this holiday season Rukket has your back.

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