Alisa Diomin 
Hailey Ostrom
How did you get into golf? 
My dad got my into golf as soon as I could walk. I can’t actually remember a time when I didn’t play the game! I’ve always enjoyed golf, but I wouldn’t say I truly fell in love with the sport until college. Once I started competing at a collegiate level and had learned so much about the mental side, I realized I could manifest my destiny. That’s when I fell in love with it. 
Who are the athletes you look up to and why?
Growing up my favorite golfer was Annika Sorenstam. I loved her confidence and determination. I loved how she didn’t let her gender prevent her from competing against the best in the world, even if that meant she had to tee it up with the guys. She’s still one of my favorite athletes of all time. 
My other favorite athlete has always been Dustin Pedroia. He isn’t a very big guy; he’s short, especially for an MLB player. But he’s never let that stop him. Dustin has a little attitude to him like he’s always ready to prove anyone wrong. He’s relentless and that’s how I’ve always aspired to be. 
Golf goals?
Moving forward in my career my goal has always been to win on the LPGA. Plain and simple. I also want to inspire others and I believe competing on the LPGA will give me the best chance at making a difference. I will continue to work hard and be better every day. 
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