This Golf Hitting Mat Levels Up Your Game

A hitting turf is one of the first must-have purchases to improve your golf game (after a golf net of course). But after logging hours of swings with your Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat or other practice mat you’re still not seeing much improvement on the course. What gives?

A golf hitting mat can help you perfect your stance grip and aim. But if the ground you’re standing on is an inch shorter than the turf you’re teeing off of those improvements might not translate to the course.

When you’re at one height and your ball is at another you have to choke down on the club grip to make up that height difference. As your practice your swing that way it will become second nature – so you’ll choke down too much when you’re on the course. Plus those hours you spend practicing can be hard on your feet!

That’s why we’ve created the Standing Mat for Turf Mats. Compatible with all types of Rukket golf hitting mat attack turfs it’s made with the high-quality materials you expect from Rukket. Your golf hitting mat slots directly into the standing mat so you’re getting the same experience you’ll find on the golf course.


The standing mat mimics the surface texture (and softness) of the course so you’re getting as close to the real deal as possible without actually being there. The comfortable surface makes it feel like you’re hitting balls out of a tee box.

Because we like all our Rukket products to be multifunctional the Standing Mat for Turf Mats has a built-in “I” pattern down the center so you can properly align your stance every single time. When paired with a golf hitting mat this standing mat will elevate your game so you can take it to the next level.

Our hitting mat provides ample room to stand and the high quality turf is made to last. Made from the same high quality materials you will find at your driving range mats this mat is designed to last just as long.

Not sure if your game could benefit from this accessory to your golf hitting mat? Call us send us an email or hit us up on Facebook Messenger. Our incredible customer service is part of what makes the Rukket difference. What else sets us apart? Everything you buy has a 100% lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. We know our customers are in it to win it – and we’re there to give them that extra edge.